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Pine Ridge Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Records Request, Withdrawals and Student Absences

Pine Ridge Elementary School
750 Pine Ridge Drive Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Pine Ridge Registration Email:  [email protected]

Absence and/or Attendance Excuse:
When submitting an "Attendance Excuse" please place the student's name + Excuse in the Subject Line of the email. For example: Ms. Smith's Tardy Excuse or Ms. Smith's Absence Excuse
In the body of the email please include the date of absence/tardy, reason for absence/tardy and the Homeroom Teacher.

Withdrawal Request:
All devices (Chromebook, Tablets, Chargers, Hot Spots, Textbooks and Library Books must be turned in. Withdrawal Form(Printable form only)
(3-5 days to process)

Hot Spot: $90.00
Student Chromebook (black): $300.00     Charger: $21.00
Acer Tablet: $300.00       Charger: $36.00
Chromebook (Silver) $400.00      Charger: $36.00

Parent Request for Records FORM (Printable form only)
(24 hours to process)